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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey

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Let’s tell the stories of Paul’s second missionary journey. Each presentation has the story from the scripture along with pictures, songs, and interactive activities for the kids to do to participate in the story. There also may be crafts, mission projects, object lessons and more.

You will find the stories in Acts 16-18. Paul and Silas back to the churches that were formed on Paul’s first missionary Journey. Timothy joined them too. Some churches were strong and vibrant, but others had lost their first love and were not standing on the truth. We can learn much from Paul as he encouraged and taught the believers.

Like Paul, Silas, and Timothy, we too can be missionaries, no matter how old we are. “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He has prepared for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Paul and Silas go back to Encourage the new Churches — Acts 15:36 – 16:5 and Timothy

What does it mean to strengthen or encourage others? A little team activity helps us learn. Pretend to ride a donkey or walk as we sing and ‘join’ Paul on his journey from town to town. At each ‘town’ we’ll stop and give each other and encouraging message. At the end we’ll make some encouraging notes to put on flowers and give to others at church or in our neighborhood. We also learn more about Timothy.

Encouraging Verse Cards

Paul, Silas, and Timothy Tell Lydia and others in Philippi about Jesus — Acts 16:6-15

In Paul’s travels, he asks God where to go next. God shows him in a dream to go to Macedonia. At one of the main cities, Philippi, they meet Lydia at a place of prayer by the river. She and others are baptized. We look at the letter Paul sent to them later — Philippians 4:4-9. We end this presentation by making shishkabobs (thanks to Lydia’s hospitality) and making purple tie dye shirts (because that was her job).

Paul & Silas Sing in Prison. Many Set Free! — Acts 16:16-40

Make some paper chains and get ready to act out Paul and Silas’ experience. They are not the only ones set free. A young lady and the jailer are freed from evil and their sins! God is the one who sets us free! Pray and praise Him. Rejoice always.

Paul Shares the Good News in Thessalonica and Berea — Read the Bible — Acts 17:1-15

Paul traveled to Thessalonica and Berea and preached the Good News that Jesus is our Savior! Those in Berea were noble. They read the scriptures and believed Paul. We want to read our Bibles too. The questions in the game are about the story for today and the Bible.

Paul Introduces Athens to the ‘Unknown God’ whom we Know — Acts 17:16-34

Paul travels to Athens. There he is amazed at how many idol gods are all around that the people worship. He finds a statue to the unknown god. He introduces the people to the one and only true God Almighty. He warns the people that there will be a day of judgement and that they will be safe if they choose to worship God and accept Jesus as their Savior. We take the opportunity to talk about warning signs and what we can do to be safe. We also recommit to worshiping God.

Paul works with Aquila and Priscilla — Working Together — Acts 18

In Corinth Paul meets Aquila and Priscilla. They are all tent makers so they work together to make tents. We’ll make tents too. When Timothy and Silas come, Paul works together with them again to tell more people about Jesus. God wants us to work together. We’ll build together and do a missionary project together.


Author: Janelle C

I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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