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Bible Lesson Scope and Sequence

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This optional Bible lesson scope and sequence breaks up the Old and New Testament so that there are stories from each over the course of the year. The Bible stories are in sequential order and progress over the four years. The first year we spend more time in the Old Testament, but in the subsequent years the division is pretty equal. December lessons focus on Christ’s birth and then, in January, we continue to learn about His life and the first church. After that the lessons come from the Old Testament. The numbers beside the lessons are not dates, they are the lesson number for the quarter. Each quarter has 13 lessons.

Bible Lesson Scope and Sequence

Year A Bible Lessons: Jesus begins his ministry, Savior Souvenirs, experiences of disciples after Jesus resurrection, creation, Noah & the flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.

Year B Bible Lessons: Jesus continues his ministry, Savior Souvenirs, Moses, Joshua, and the Israelite journey from Egypt to Canaan and the judges: Gideon, Samson, Ruth, and Samuel.

Year C Bible Lessons: Jesus continues his ministry, Savior Souvenirs, Stephen, Paul, then the kings: Saul, David, Solomon, Josiah and they end with Jonah.

Year D Bible lessons: Jesus ends his ministry on earth, His death & resurrection, Peter and believers, then prophets: Elijah, Elisha, Daniel, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, and Isaiah.

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