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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

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Zoom Sabbath School

Like many of you, we’ve been doing Sabbath School in Zoom for the past few months.  I’ve developed slide programs to go along with the Primary GraceLink programs.  We’re a small church so the kids in our Primary actually extend into Junior age and during this time of COVID-19, we’ve welcomed families with kids of all ages.  We have had about an hour together on Zoom. That gives us time to fellowship a bit before getting into an interactive Bible study time.

I have found that having the Google Slide Show has allowed me to have song and special feature videos that we can view and participate in together. When it’s time to study the lesson, I have the scriptures and corresponding pictures for the kids to see right on the slide show. As part of the story I have fun ways to keep them engaged such as bubble scripts for them to read, codes to decipher, or hidden objects to find. There’s games and activities along the way, too. I’m so thankful for the wealth of information and activities on the internet. If I’ve used something you put there. Thank you! I hope you can use my compilations.

I’ve been meaning to get these up on my site, but have just not got around to it.  Well today I’m going to see how many I can put here so that you can use them, too.

Noah and the Flood

Abraham, and man of faith

Isaac and His Family

Jacob Becomes Faithful

Israelite journey from Egypt to Canaan

King Saul and David

Jesus is God With Us

The First Church includes the following lessons:

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King Saul and David

King Saul, his son, Jonathan and David are examples to us on fighting the battles in life. We will also look at the Armor of God. With God, we can have the victory!  But the real battle is not over getting the biggest or best, nor politics, nor showing our strength; the real battle is in our minds and hearts.  It is in overcoming temptation with God’s help.  It is overcoming our doubts, fears, and pride. 
Read Ephesians 6:10-18

Samuel Speaks for God and anoints Saul as King

God is King over all the earth. Israel had had judges but they wanted a king like the other nations. Samuel was God’s representative, his priest. God was not happy that the people wanted a king, but he chose Saul. Saul looked like a king. Would he be strong and brave? Would he obey and honor God? Samuel relayed God’s message: “22 But the Lord will be true to his great name. He won’t turn his back on his people. That’s because he was pleased to make you his own people. 23 I would never sin against the Lord by failing to pray for you. I’ll teach you to live in a way that is good and right. 24 But be sure to have respect for the Lord. Serve him faithfully. Do it with all your heart. Think about the great things he has done for you. 25 But don’t be stubborn. Don’t continue to do what is evil. If you do, both you and your king will be destroyed.”

Jonathan Fights in Faith — Winning With God

The Israelite army was far outnumbered. Saul and his army were scared to death. Jonathan and his armor bearer decide to go forward and see if God was willing to give the Philistines into their hands. With God they won the victory! How can we win against the evil and temptation that assail us each day? We can put on the armor of God! We don’t win by our strength, we win with God as our strength and shield. This presentation includes a fun game of Simon Says, and an umbrella shield activity along with the Bible story, songs and a craft. Have fun!

David the Shepherd Boy; Anointed to be king; Slays Goliath!

This presentation covers a lot of ground. We review the Armor of God while reading about David. David is anointed then is invited to play the harp for Saul. The lesson culminates with David having the victory over Goliath. God is with him each step of the way as all along he portrays what it means to wear the full armor and fight a fight of faith, tho our fight is against evil.

Ziklag Raided and Burned, but David, with God, gains the Victory

David and his men are stuck in a hard place. They have sought refuge from the Philistine king, Achish, in the city of Ziklag, but now all the Philistines are going to go fight Israel. Must they fight their own people? God gives a way out. However now their city is burning and people have been taken away by the Amalekites. David seeks God and gets the victory after a long chase and fight with two thirds of his men. The others watched the baggage. Should they get a share of the loot? Learn that God is with us during hard times and that we work together as a team doing what we can. All will get the reward. Join in with songs, activities, and snack.

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Father Abraham

There are so many lessons to learn from the many stories of Abraham! In a world of idolatry, he chose to worship God. When God said to go, He went. He walked by faith. He was hospitable to strangers who actually were angels. He cared for his nephew and rescued him. These are just a few. You can read about this great patriarch in Genesis 12-25.

Here are some PowerPoint presentations I used to present the stories to early elementary children on Zoom Sabbath School. We follow the GraceLink Primary Bible lessons.

Abraham walked by Faith

Along with the story from the Bible and in video, there are songs and fun activities like walking by faith and a special altar snack to remind us to worship God where ever we are.

Abraham Saved Lot and Paid Tithe from the spoils of war. The presentation is here.

Five kings could not win against 4 kings. But Abraham and his 3 allies along with our strong and faithful God did win! In this presentation we are reminded that God cares for us and we should care for one another. One way to show our gratitude to God is to give 10% of what we have to him. Abraham demonstrated this. We’ll make a bank for tithe and offerings. For the bank, print out the covers below.

Abraham pleads for Sodom

Abraham talked to God on behalf of the people in Sodom. God wants us to pray for others too. This presentation tells the story found in Genesis 18-19 of Abraham receiving 3 visitors. He shows hospitality and receives the promise again that he and Sarah will have a son next year. But there is bad news too. Lot and his family are saved, but Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed. During the presentation the children have an opportunity to form key items with play dough to illustrate the story. They also can eat ‘with the 3 visitors’ for snack time. Serve bread and milk or cottage cheese.

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Jesus is God With Us

Jesus came to this world to walk in our shoes. He came because He promised He would. He came because He loves us and wants to be with us forever. There are so many experiences found in the Bible! This section focuses on the stories found in the gospel books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

I have found that having pictures and scriptures for the story especially during the restrictions of Covid-19 very helpful in teaching the lesson. It’s also great with Zoom.

The lessons are organized into three sections: A Day in the Life of Jesus (events); Jesus Teaches; Jesus Heals; and Parables that Jesus Told

A day In the Life of Jesus

Gabriel comes to Mary and Joseph. Baby Jesus is born in Bethlehem

This Power Point presentation tells the story of Jesus birth part 1. Gabriel speaks to Mary and Joseph. For the craft, kids can make their own nativity characters so that they can tell the story, too. At the end they’ll have a full nativity set. Get your set at While they are coloring and cutting the characters out, Christmas carols will play. It finishes with a birthday party for Jesus.

Shepherds Worship Baby Jesus

Wise Men Follow the Star to find Jesus.

A Night Time Visitor — Nicodemus Talks to Jesus

The most quoted salvation verse, John 3:16, is here in this story, Jesus talks to Nicodemus. He also talks about the importance of being born again. We are invited to be part of God’s family. We ARE part of His family, when we accept Him as our Savior. We show this by being baptized. This slide presentation includes the basic lesson, songs, a craft, and an invitation to become a child of God.

Keep Your Eyes on Jesus — Jesus invites Peter to Walk on Water too

This is such a fun interactive story. Encourage the kids to pretend they are on a boat. Bring a fan and maybe a spray bottle to add wind and water to the experience during the storm. Have them get out of the boat like Peter. This slide presentation also includes songs, a craft and more. Keeping our eyes on Jesus is like a tight-rope walker focusing ahead. Try it.

Jesus’ Transfiguration

This presentation starts with a show and tell. After kids share their bright and beautiful objects, we’ll talk about how God is brighter and more glorious than all these. He is brighter and more glorious than the son. Peter, James, and John were privileged to see Jesus, Moses, and Elijah in all their heavenly glory.

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry

This Bible story can be found in all the gospels. We’ll have fun praising God in skit or with action figures made by us! God is worthy of our praise! Jesus is amazing! Let’s praise them for all they do. The action figures are not original.

Jesus Heals

Widow of Nain, “Stop Crying.” Young man, “Get up

This Bible Story slide show tells the story of how Jesus brought the Widow of Nain’s son back to life. You can find it in Luke 7:11-17. It includes an a challenge to determine if a person is happy or sad by looking at their eyes; a craft for Thanksgiving, thanking God for life and His many blessings; along with songs and praise.

Jesus Heals even on the Sabbath

In John 5:1-15, Jesus takes time to visit where the disabled hang out. He offers healing. Jesus still offers to heal us physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. We take time to ponder what it would be like to be a paralytic and play I Spy. We learn about muscles and bones. We have an opportunity to accept God’s healing.

Jairus’ daughter and woman – Mark 6

Jesus gives life and healing. Though we may die …. just wait … Jesus is coming! We will arise and rise to meet him. Praise God! This presentation celebrates God’s healing power and resurrection morning. The nature nugget is the opossum. The message is reiterated through songs, retelling the story, and a tic-tac-toe game.

The Leper who returned and said Thank you! — Luke 17:11-19

Praise God for His many blessings, for life and health, and for His love for each one of us! We’ll take the opportunity to thank God during this lesson in song, prayer, discussion, and by making cards to give to those who cooperate with God in helping us get well when we are sick.

Jesus Teaches — parables, stories, and wise words

Jesus talks about FORGIVENESS — Matthew 18:21-35

In choosing to forgive, we are choosing to abandon our negative emotions associated with someone’s hurtful behavior. We choose to let God deal with them and celebrate his mercy towards each of us. In this presentation we look at the story of the unmerciful servant and why we should forgive and forgive s’more (Let’s make S’mores!) and forgive even 70 x 7 times! Have a backpack and cans ready along with S’more makings.

Last will be first — The Parable of the Vineyard Workers — Matthew 20:1-16

Will there be a reward for those who work for the Lord? Yes. But don’t be surprised if those who work less or join the work force later get the same reward. What does it mean to work for the Lord or work in his vineyard? God is interested in each of us producing much fruit. When we care for others and share God’s love, we are producing good fruit in us and others. In our craft we learn how to train grape vines. In the presentation we also talk about the importance of doing a good job at your work.

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders — Be Wise and Build on the Rock — Matthew 7:24-28

In Matthew 7:24-27 and Luke 6:46-49 Jesus tells a parable of a wise and foolish builder. Those who not only listen, but also do what God says are like the wise man builds his house on a rock. Our rock is Jesus. His words are true and are a firm foundation. He is a strong refuge. In this presentation we also learn about the Golden Rule and the importance of loving God and, like he does, love everyone. Activities include acting out the story of the wise and foolish builders using flour, water, and a little house. The house falls, but we use the water and flour to build a firm rock and foundation for another house.

The Parable of the Great Feast

In Luke 14:15-24 Jesus tells a parable of a great feast. This is an invitation to accept Jesus gift of salvation and be in heaven for a banquet. The time is near, though we don’t really know when.

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Jacob Becomes Faithful

Jacob’s Ladder

This slide presentation includes a video of the story, Jacob’s Ladder, songs, memory text, a reading of the story from scripture while the kids pretend to be Jacob, and a craft.

Jacob Meets Rachel

God does keep His promises. This presentation allows the kids to once again participate by reading a part. It also includes music, Bible verses, and a craft.

Jacob Works Faithfully

This 15 slide slide presentation goes through the story of Jacob working to pay the dowry for Rachel, only to get Leah. He loves Rachel so much he works faithfully another 7 years for her. Jacob worked hard even when life didn’t seem fair.
We too should faithfully do our work.

Jacob Runs Away

Jacob ran, but Laban catches up. God helps them to solve their disagreement and make a peaceful agreement. In this slide presentation we look at how to solve disagreements.

Jacob and Esau are Reunited

This slide show is made to go along with a set of action cards found here. The kids can act out the story with the cards as it is told with the slide show.

Joseph Serves

This slide show tells the story of Jacob in a nutshell. Spice it up by giving the kids bread or crackers in a colorful napkin to remind them of Joseph’s robe and how he served others. Look for the many ways grain is mentioned in the story. Who did Joseph serve? We can serve our family, church, and everyone around us.

Other resources here include Joseph board game and Joseph skit

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Noah and the Flood

Right now we are in the midst of disasters. Even though it may not always be apparent, God is with us. He will give us strength, peace, hope, and faithfully bring us through this time. Noah experienced the same thing.

The following lessons are Google slide presentation which I used in conjunction with Zoom Sabbath School. These are some of the first presentations I made. Just click on the title to access the presentation.

Noah Builds the Ark

This presentation tells the true story of Noah building the ark found in Genesis 6. It also includes photos of our visits to the Ark in Kentucky and tar pits in LA which I enjoyed sharing with the kids.

Noah and the animals enter the Ark

This presentation includes songs and the true Bible story of Noah and the animals entering the ark found in Genesis 7.

During the Flood

This presentation includes songs, a special feature about the day in the life of a zookeeper, and the true story of Noah and the flood. We take time to see how long Noah and his family were in the ark. It also shows pictures of our visit to the Ark in Kentucky. Enjoy!

After the Flood Praising God for His safe-keeping

This presentation includes songs, a special feature on color, the true story of God’s covenant with Noah found in Genesis 9 and a Tic-Tac-Toe game with questions from the story of Noah.

Filling the earth after the Flood

A Skyscraper and Confusion at Babel

The people wanted to build a huge city, a tall skyscraper, and make a name for themselves. God knew that would just create problems, so He put a stop to it by making many languages. The people spread out through-out the earth just as God wanted them to.

In this presentation, we look at how God cares for everyone in this world. We explore the many languages and affirm that God cares for us no matter what our color or nationality. God love me. God loves you!

Get out your Lego’s or building blocks. Let’s build a tower as we learn the story of the tower of Babel.

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Isaac’s Family

Our Sabbath School lessons for September 2020 focus on Isaac’s family.

Our church is transitioning to outdoor Sabbath School and church, however we are still offering Zoom Sabbath School for those who want that option.

I’ve used the following Google Slide presentations as an important aspect of our time on Zoom. I like that I can show song or special feature videos and move seamlessly into the lesson. The lesson has the scripture and corresponding pictures and interactive reading and activities. Each presentation has 15-20 slides. Check them out. I hope you can use them in your ministry also. I offer them free, just like God’s gift of salvation.

Isaac and his family were definitely not perfect, but then none of us are. Yet God’s promise to his father Abraham was reiterated to Isaac and Jacob. It is into their lineage that Jesus was born. It is God’s passionate desire to heal the sick and brokenhearted, to lift up those who are oppressed or disheartened, and to save everyone from sin and sadness. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. All we have to do is accept His precious gift and choose to follow Him.

A Wife for Isaac

This presentation includes songs, a special feature on camels, an interactive reading of the Bible story from Genesis 24, and the fun activities of giving water and a game of ‘feed the camels’.

Jacob buys Esau’s birthright

This presentation includes songs, show and tell, the interactive telling of the Bible story from Genesis 25, a special feature of cooperative cheetah brothers and a family activity of making lentil soup.

Jacob deceives Isaac

This presentation includes songs, an object lesson, the interactive telling of the Bible story of Jacob and Esau from Genesis 27, a game including truth or lie scenarios, an object lesson about honesty, and a story book about honesty.

The Bible lessons continue with the life of Jacob. To see more go to the page, Jacob’s Becomes Faithful.

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The First Church

Jesus spent 3 years teaching about the kingdom of God, showing God’s love to those around Him, healing many, and discipling his chosen 12 apostles. At the end, He gave His life so that we could be saved. He paid the price for sin, which is death. Not only that, He conquered death. He rose again. Because of this, He can and does offer us eternal life. We do not deserve eternal life. We can not earn it. It is a gift of grace. We accept this gift by faith.

Jesus promises that He will never leave us. In fact He is in heaven acting as our attorney. He gives us the Holy Spirit as our comforter and guide to lead us to the truth. Did you catch that Jesus is a GIVER? He gave his life. He gives eternal life to all who believe in Him. He gives us the Holy Spirit. He gives us freedom, love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control, wisdom, talents, work to do, reason to live, friendship, hope, new life… and so much more!

After Jesus rose again, he appeared to many of his disciples. Then, while they watched, he ascended to heaven. He commissioned the believers to tell others about the good news of salvation. They did exactly that.

The following lessons are about how the first church completed that commission. We too have the same job to do. We are to tell others about God’s love and His gift of salvation.

Be my Witnesses

Prayer prepares us


This lesson includes a reader’s theater.

The First Church

The passage for this lesson is short (Acts 2:42-47), but the message is large. In this lesson, we are encouraged to share and care for others. It includes a mission project and interactive activities. We also look at the ants and how they work together and care for each other.

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Paul and Barnabas

Barnabas was a very accepting person. Of the disciples in Jerusalem, it was he that was the first to believe that Saul had truly changed and had become a Christian. It was he that stood up for Paul, which was Saul’s new name, and helped the other believers in Jerusalem accept Paul, too as a new believer.

When the believers (those who believed in Jesus) heard that many in Cyprus were beginning to believe in Jesus also, they sent Barnabas to help share the good news of the gospel. Barnabas was quick to see the opportunity to get Paul involved and begin his ministry to the Gentiles.

These lessons teach us how we too can tell others the good news of the Gospel. Jesus accepts us. He wants everyone to be in His family of believers!

Barnabas and Saul in Antioch

Acts 11 teaches us that we can work together to share the good news about Jesus.

Paul and Barnabas travel to Cyprus

Mates, Get on board and join Paul on his first missionary journey. We’ll stop at the Island of Cyprus and tell the people there about Jesus. Acts 13

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Saul’s Conversion

Saul was a devout follower of God, however he did not believe that Jesus was Messiah until Jesus himself appeared to him.

Jesus desires each of us to have His free gift of salvation. He pursues us. He woos us. He calls. Will we turn and listen? Will we accept his free gift?

Saul did. He was a changed man. He even changed his name to Paul. Now he wasn’t the persecutor, he was the persecuted. But God was with him. Much of the New Testament is written by Paul.

Here are couple Google slides presentations which I developed and used for our Sabbath School time on Zoom. I hope that you can use them in your ministry and that many more will accept God’s free gift of salvation.

Saul’s Conversion part 1

Decipher Braille, participate in the story of Saul, and learn about metamorphosis.

Saul’s Conversion part 2 — Ananias Visits Saul

Continue deciphering Braille to solve the code. Participate by reading portions of the scripture and conversation bubbles.