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Our Creator made Air on Day 2

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This is the second day for the Creation Discovery VBS which I compiled. Thanks to the wealth of information available on the internet and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture for the dayGenesis 1:6-8

Theme:  Just like air,  Jesus is there!

Opening Gathering Time:

DSC00935All the children meet together for singing and an introduction to today’s theme and scripture.  During this time, we also had a guest scientist who had an interactive science demonstration that focused on something that God created on that day.


  • The Creation Song #1
  • He is the Light
  • This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made
  • Praise Him
  • Jesus is My Best Friend
  • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

Interactive Creation Story

Setting:  On the stage we had a pop-up canopy with 2 sides up.  It was here that we added the items that God created each day.

Today add a blue tarp on the ground to represent water.  Also have second light blue plastic  (We used a couple of blue table cloths taped together).  Attach a zip-tie to the middle of the canopy.  Tie a long string to the middle of the lighter blue plastic.   Thread the string through the upper zip-tie and attach it to one of the legs ready to be pulled.  One person will pull the string while four others are holding on to each of the four corners of the plastic, all working together to raise the “firmament” making a huge space called sky.  Once it is raised the four corner people should tie or tape their corner to the canopy’s corresponding leg and the person pulling the string should tie it to a leg so the plastic stays suspended up.

Crew Leader supplies:  2 blue cloths or towels  — We cut a plastic tablecloth in half for each crew.

Leader Script:

What did God make on the first day?  (light)  You are right!  Remember in the beginning it was all dark, there were no computers, no cars, no phones, no people, no animals, no plants or trees, no air… just dark and water!  God was there.  He saw the dark.  He said, “Let there be light!”  (turn on canopy lights)  There was evening and morning, night and day, day 1.

Now what would God make?  Let’s look in the Bible in the first book, Genesis.  (Read Genesis 1:6-10.)  What did God separate?  He separated the water!   Have you seen water boil and the steam going up?  Where does the water go?  The clouds hold water and float high in the sky.  God made a layer of water to be like a roof over our heads.  He separated the water and made the firmament.  In the huge expanse between the water, what did God create?  He made air!

I’m going to read what the Bible says again and our helpers are going to make the firmament and air in our canopy up front.

Now you can have a turn to make the ocean, firmament, and air.  (Explain and lead out in the following activity.)

Activity:  Give each Crew a place to do the activity.  Each Crew Leader chooses 2-4 people hold each cloth/towel.  Tall people lift their towel up and the shorter people keep their towel down and move it like waves when the leader says “God divided the waters and made sky”

Theme Song:  Sing the theme song

Science Presentation:  Have someone in your area who knows about air do a short science demonstration about air.  We had a pilot come who also loves do model rocketry.  He knew a lot about the forces of air and showed how air temperature can collapse a pop-can.

Dismissal to Stations:  After the Opening Gathering, the children, with their Crew Leaders move to their designated activity station.   Each of the 5 Groups go to one of the 5 Activity Stations.  There are about 15 children in each Crew with an adult Leader and an assistant or junior leader.  How many crews there are in each group depends on how many children there are.  We usually have 2 crews in each group so that we have 2 adults in each group.

Bible Crew Time > Snack > Science Booths > Recreation > Craft

Bible Crew Time:

 Supplies:  balloon, pinwheel, Day 2 Bible Crew Time PowerPoint Presentation

Crew Time supplies: 2 fans and 6 balloons (blown up) of each color (Each of the 6 blue/red/yellow/ (or other color) balloons should have a word of the day’s theme “Just like air, God is there.”).

Just like air, Jesus is there (even though you can’t see Him, He is omnipresent)

Help me say yesterday’s slogan.  Just like light, Jesus shows the way.  We learned how God showed the Israelite people the way by leading them with a cloud of light.  He was always with them.  Today we can’t see God or His cloud of light, but we can know that He is always with us, because He promised us that He is.

Can you see air?  How do you know it is there?  __________  (encourage various answers)

Can you see wind?  How do you know it is windy? ______ (encourage various answers)

Can you feel the wind?  Can you see its effects? (blow a pinwheel; blow up a balloon)

What did the air do?  (It made the pinwheel go and filled up the balloon)

Does air have power?  (Let balloon go and zoom through the air)  It really went fast!  Air has power!

Can you see God?  How do you know He is there? _______ (encourage various answers)

Do you see things that God has done?  What do you see?   (Encourage various answers) God has all power!

 God sent Jesus, His Son, to show what He is like.  Jesus showed He loves everyone including children very much.  God loves you and me!

    (3 minutes)  Jesus loved little children, healed them

 Jesus is no longer here, but we are not alone.  Who is with us?  Who would like to read John 14:15-18(Have a child read the verse)   Let’s also read John 14:26-27(Have a child read the verse and then discuss it together.)

Who does Jesus have stay with us?  _____  The Holy Spirit is with us.  He lives in us.  He reminds us of the good things we have learned.  He gives us peace.

In Matthew 28:20, Jesus said, “… surely I am with you always, to the very end of the world.”

Just like air, God is there!

During Crew Time you get to play 2 games with balloons.  Listen closely to directions.

 Crew Time

Supplies:  2 fans and 6 balloons (blown up) of each color (Each of the 6 blue/red/yellow/ (or other color) balloons should have a word of the day’s theme “Just like air, God is there.”

In the room across the hall, you will find a fan on either side of the room, a dividing line and some balloons.  Your group will be divided into 2 teams.  Each team will try to get all the balloons on the other team’s side of the room.  There is a line around the fan.  You may not go inside the line.  However, you may put the balloons in front of the fans outside the line (choose an older child or a crew leader assistant for each team to insure that kids don’t get too close to the fans.) and use them to your advantage.  Just like air, God is there to help you succeed!

 After 8 minutes you may start the 2nd game.  Each team needs to gather all the balloons of one color and put the words together IN THE CORRECT ORDER to make the message for today.  Just like air, God is there!  The first team to complete the challenge wins.



Snack doesn’t take long, so we added a lot of activity options in the snack room.  When they were done with their snack, children could choose to work on their Creation Journal, help out with the mission project, or get creative with Lego building blocks.

The Creation Journal came from Oriental Trading.  We put them together beforehand and let the kids put on the front decorating stickers and color the pages for the day each day.  Most days there were more than one page to color.

Color Your Own Book About the 7 Days of Creation Craft Kit

Our mission project for Vacation Bible School grew out of one of our church’s ongoing mission projects.  We discovered many children in our neighborhood received free meals at the school, but they didn’t get the free meals on the weekend and often were hungry.  So our church provides a small bag of food for the weekend.  Making these bags was our VBS project.  The children enjoyed stuffing the bags with provided food and bringing more food so that they could keep the project going.  We stuffed 400 bags!

Building with Lego is always a favorite.  The children enjoyed using their creativity!

 Leader’s Script:

Today our snack food is puffed up and full of air.  Can you see the air in there?  No, but you can see the space that the air made.  Jesus made air so that we can breathe.  He made the space called atmosphere for birds to fly in.

Have the following which kids can take a bit of each and make a snack mix :  popcorn, puffed cereal trail mix – puffed wheat, corn, rice, and puffed veggie sticks


Note:  This is an easy snack.  The kitchen crew should spend time preparing for tomorrow’s salad bar and the jello sea in a cup for Day 5.

Science Booths

The Science booth is one station area of 5 different station areas in the Creation VBS.  At this station children can visit any or each of the 5 booths for as long as they want so long as everyone gets a turn that wants one.  Teens really enjoyed leading out in these stations!

Booth 1 – Power of Air

Is air powerful?  How much weight can you lift with your air?

Air Lift

  • Put a straw (1 for each child) in a ziplock and zip it as closed as possible with the straw sticking out of the bag.
  • Set books on the empty bag.
  • Blow into the straw and fill the bag, lifting the books.
  • How many books can you lift?

Booth 2 – Is there air?

We can’t see air, but is it there?

 Air takes up space    see how at

  • Put water in tub.
  • Crush a piece of newspaper or wad up a Kleenex/tissue and push it to the bottom of the clear plastic cup.
  • Turn cup upside down and push it straight down to the bottom of the tub.
  • Pull cup straight up and pull out the newspaper.
  • Observe whether paper is wet or dry.

Conclusion: The paper stayed dry because air took up space and did not let water enter the cup.


Air Pressure Hold   see how at OSU

  • Fill a glass 1/3 full of water
  • Place an index card on top so that it completely covers the glass
  • Hold the card in place and flip over the glass (and hold over a basin)
  • Let go of the card while the glass is upside down .

The index card should stay in place due to air-pressure, keeping the water in the glass.

Booth 3 – Does air take up space

Does air take up space?

Tough Blow    from

  • Place a balloon in an empty water bottle and over it’s neck as shown.
  • Blow (or try to blow) up the balloon.
  • NEXT do the same thing, except put a hole in the bottom of the water bottle to let out the air and relieve the pressure.  Is it possible now?

 Water fountain powered by balloon

This would make a great demonstration, but may be too complicated for the kids.

See online directions. at Learn With Play at Home


Booth 4 – Up in the Air

Try to keep a ping pong ball up with air.    see how with Steve Spangler Science

  1. Near the top of a 1-liter bottle, approximately where the bottle stops curving and begins to straighten out, wrap a piece of tape. Try to wrap the tape as straight as possible.
  2. Using the tape as a guide, cut the top of the bottle off with the box cutters. Again, try to make your cut as straight as possible.
  3. *When performing this next step, make sure to find a work bench or similar surface.*
  4. Place the bottle cap, open side down, onto the work bench.
  5. Center a large nail on the top of the bottle cap and use a hammer to punch a hole in the cap.
  6. Pull the nail out of the bottle cap and you should have a nice, round hole.
  7. Test the bottle cap to see if a bendy straw will fit in the hole you’ve created. If it does, you’re good to go. If the hole is too small, find a larger nail and widen the hole. If the hole is too large, you’ll need to find another cap and use a smaller nail.
  8. Once you have the perfect bottle cap and hole, screw the cap onto the top of the bottle and place the short end of the bendy straw through the hole.
  9. You’re ready to give the Floating Ping Pong Ball a try! Start blowing into the the straw (the end opposite the bottle) and place the ping pong ball over the stream of air.

Much to the surprise of anyone watching (and probably you), the ping pong ball hovers in midair over the bottle. Wow!

Booth 5 — Balloon rocket


Balloon power!

The balloon rocket will travel on a straw that is on a string from one chair to another.  A good distance is about 10 feet.

Cut a string about 15 feet long.  Tie one end to the back of a chair.  Thread the string through a straw.  If the straw is a bendy straw, cut off the top bendy part and discard.  Once the straw is on the string, tie the end of the string to the another chair that is about 10 feet away from the first one.

rocket balloon

The kids can blow up their balloon (don’t tie it) and the helpers tape a side of the balloon to the straw.   When they let the balloon go the air coming out will rocket the balloon down the string.

rocket balloon

See how at Science Bob


Leader Script:

What did God create on day 2?  (air)  All of our games today use air in some way.    Can you see air?  How do you know that there is air?  (we can feel it, breathe it, and see it’s effects, but we can’t see it)  We can’t see God, but we know He is there because we can feel His love and see the effects of His power.  Just like air, God is there.

 Game 1—Bubble Fun

Supplies:  bubble solution (see below) or buy some, bubble wands, string, containers

Bubbles – blow bubbles – Have various sizes and kinds of wands including giant ones with bubble mix in a bucket.  Try making giant bubbles with a string (tie string in a loop)  work together, with wet hands, to put whole string in the container of bubble solution then carefully stretch it out as a group while lifting it up out of the container.

Blow bubbles with bubble gum.

Game 2—Balloon Mania

Supplies:  balloons, balloon pumps

Balloon Blow up – each team has a balloon pump and a set of balloons.  Work together to pump up the balloons.  OR  Take turns pumping up a balloon and letting it go and whiz all over.  One person may need to hold the balloon on the pump and the other pump it.

Balloon Races – Run with a balloon: (1) under your arm; (2) between your legs; (3) between you and your partner’s hips; (4) between you and your partner’s backs – stand back to back and run sideways

Keep it up – In pairs or small groups, keep your balloon up in the air by taking turns hitting it up:  (1) while standing still- 2 people;  (2)  while moving across the field from line A to line B

Balloon volleyball (use a small court)

Game 3—Air Hold

 Have paper.  — Hold paper on tummy, as soon as you start moving let go and keep the paper on your tummy only by moving quickly – the air keep it there.

Game 4—Hide and Seek

Supplies:  an object.  Hide an object or hide as a family or individual;  Play “hot or cold” to find it – Just like air, God is there – You can find Him if you seek Him with all of your heart

Game 5—Get Air

Rent a Bounce House – Limit the number of kids in the bounce house and have time for specific ages to bounce:  Preschool (4-5 year olds); Grades 1-2; Grades 3-4; Helpers.   While a group is bouncing, the others can do one of the above games.


Each activity highlights an aspect of air.  The children enjoyed decorating their own boomerang, beach ball, or flying disk from Oriental Trading.  We had permanent and washable markers available so that they could color and personalize their chosen craft using their creativity.

DIY Boomerangs   DIY Mini Beach Balls    DIY Clear Flying Disks


Of course, you can choose different crafts.

Closing Session

During this time we reviewed the songs and theme we did at the opening session.  We also handed out the items that the children did that day, a newsletter about what we did that day, and a gift to help them remember the theme.

Gift for the day:  bubbles!


Author: Janelle C

I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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