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Animals of all sizes and People too were created on Day 6

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This is the sixth day for the Creation Discovery VBS.  There are so many possibilities when talking about animals and people.  There’s just not enough time in the day!

Scripture for the day: Genesis 1:24-31

Theme:  Just like Adam and Eve, we were created by God.

Memory Verse:  “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”    Psalms 139:14


Opening Gathering Time:

All the children meet together for singing and an introduction to today’s theme and scripture.  During this time, we also had a guest scientist who had an interactive science demonstration that focused on something that God created on that day.


On the stage we had a pop-up canopy with 2 sides up.  It was here that we added the items that God created each day.  The setting is almost complete.  We have lights, sky, land, plants, trees & flowers, sun, moon & stars, sea creatures, and birds.  Today the children will add animals to complete the setting.


It does look like kids have helped, doesn’t it!  🙂

Crew Leader supplies:  Have ready as many stuffed animals as you can find.  Thankfully our church had plenty.  We put one under each chair prior to VBS to save on disagreements and time passing them out.


PowerPoint for Day 6 Gathering Songs

  • I’m Part of God’s Creation
  • Lord of Creation
  • I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
  • Woven Together
  • Child of God
  • If I Were a Butterfly (if there is time)
  • I Am a Promise & a Possibility (if there is time)

Interactive Creation Story

Who can tell me what God created each day of the week?  (Encourage kids to do so into the microphone)  Right!  Let’s say them together:

  1. Light
  2. Firmament/sky & air
  3. Land, grass, trees, & plants
  4. Sun, moon, & stars
  5. Sea creatures & birds

What is missing?  What do you think God made on day 6?  Let’s see what the Bible tells us.  I’m reading Genesis 1:24-25.

Activity:  So God made animals.  Look under your chair, you have an animal to bring up to our scene.  Think about what kind of animal it is.

Is it a livestock — that’s something you would find on a farm or have as a pet?  If you have a pet or livestock you can bring it up to our scene.  God made livestock to help us.  Pets are fun to have aren’t they!  God wants us to have fun and enjoy taking care of animals.

Think again.  Do you have an animal that moves along the ground like a snake, reptile, or insect?  If so, you can bring it up to our scene.  God made animals that move along the ground.  They have a purpose in His plan.

Does everybody else have a wild animal?  If you haven’t brought your animal up, do it now.  There are so many wild animals in the world!  God is very creative!  Think of the elephant with its funny trunk and the funny monkeys.  God enjoys having fun!  There’s strong animals, fast animals, silly animals, loud animals, and quiet animals.  Some are sneaky and slow.  Some are big.  Some are small.  All were made by our Creator God.


Garden of Eden

But God wasn’t done yet!  There’s more.  (Read Genesis 1:26-31.)  God made people!  He made Adam and Eve.  God gave them a special job to do.  What was their job?  (To rule over the animals.)  What do good rulers do?  Rulers make good rules to keep order.  They protect us.  They care for us.  That is our job.  We are supposed to protect and take care of the animals.  We can make sure they have good places to live.  God also said that the animals and people should fill the earth.  Let’s praise our awesome God!

Theme Song:

Science Presentation

Our guest scientist for Friday had worked at the zoo and had lots of animal stories.  You might choose to have a pet store keeper or other local animal presenter.  Another idea would be to have someone from the medical field tell about our wonderful bodies.

Dismissal to Stations:

After the Opening Gathering, the children, with their Crew Leaders move to their designated activity station.   Each of the 5 Groups go to one of the 5 Activity Stations.  There are about 15 children in each Crew with an adult Leader and an assistant or junior leader.  How many crews there are in each group depends on how many children there are.  We usually have 2 crews in each group so that we have 2 adults in each group.

Bible Crew Time:

Supplies:  Bibles, Friday Bible Crew Time Powerpoint

Greet children & when they are settled introduce activity.  You are all handsome and beautiful!  God has made each one of you unique and special.  Let’s see how different and alike we are.  If you have what I mention you can stand up.  We’ll do a quick count and then you can sit down.

If you have dark brown or black hair, stand up.   __# of you have dark hair.  If you have blond or light colored hair, stand up.  #__ of you have light colored hair.  If you have red hair, stand up.  #__ of you have red hair. ….  Continue with color of eyes (blue, brown, green); Taller than kids your age; Shorter than kids your age…

You are all handsome and beautiful!  God has made each one of you unique and special!   There is a verse in the Bible that talks about that.  Who would like to look it up.  (Choose several helpers)  Let’s look up Psalms 139.  There are 4 verses (13, 14, 15, 16).  Divide them among the volunteers.  Psalms 139:13-16.  We learned how God made Adam and Eve.  He formed them out of dirt.  Did you know that God formed you and me, too!  God formed us in our mother’s womb!  God made you the way you are because He has a special plan for you!  He not only decided how you would look, He also planned your personality and what you are really good at.  God made you that way, because you will be able to help Him do something important, something really special for Him and others.

[optional:]   The first part of Psalms 139 tells how God knows us and sees us.  Read Psalms 139:1-4

Adam’s first job was to name the animals.  Later one of Adam and Eve’s jobs was to take care of their garden park-like home.  They took care of the plants and animals.  The Bible tells the special job God had for Isaiah.  Isaiah 49:5 says, “The Lord is the one who made me in my mother’s womb, so that I could be his servant.   He wanted me to lead Jacob and Israel back to him.  The Lord gives me honor.  I get my strength from my God.” (ERV) Jeremiah was to work for the Lord, too.  Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I made you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.  Before you were born, I chose you for a special work.  I chose you to be a prophet to the nations.”  In Exodus we read about some men that God gave special talents in building things.  Exodus 31:1-6 says, “Then the Lord said to Moses, 2 “I have chosen a man from the tribe of Judah to do some special work for me. His name is Bezalel son of Uri son of Hur. 3 I have filled Bezalel with the Spirit of God—I have given him the skill and knowledge to do all kinds of things. 4 He is a very good designer. And he can make things from gold, silver, and bronze. 5 He can cut and set beautiful jewels. And he can work with wood. He can do all kinds of work. 6 I have also chosen Oholiab to work with him. Oholiab is the son of Ahisamach from the tribe of Dan. And I have given skills to all the other workers so that they can make everything that I have commanded you.”  There are many stories in the Bible of both men, women, boys, and girls that did great things for God with the talents he gave them.

What do you do well?  You will be doing an activity during Crew Time that helps you discover your talents.  Let’s just find out a few right now.  Stand when I say something that you like to do, then sit down.  (Do how many you have time for.) Building things (using Lego’s, Knex, wood, etc) – Puzzles – Running – Math – Drawing – Music – Taking care of Animals – Planting – Writing – Reading – Being a good friend – Leading others – Listening to others – Art/Crafts – Cooking – Cleaning …


Crew Time

Supplies:  Fold half sheets of construction paper to make a card;  Stickers with talents represented.  Click on the sticker picture below for a pdf of the hand out.  Print them on Avery 8293 round sticker sheet.

Talent Stickers

Talent Stickers

Everyone has special talents.  You can use your talents to help others and make things better around you.   Write your name on the special paper provided.  Find stickers that show the 5 things that you like the most or do the best at.  Place them on the paper.  Tell your group what you are good at.  How can your talents be used to help others or make our world a better place?


 Leader’s Script:


Science Booths

The Science booth is one station area of 5 different station areas in the Creation VBS.  At this station children can visit any or each of the 5 booths for as long as they want so long as everyone gets a turn that wants one.

We had teens leading these booths.  They did an awesome job and enjoyed sharing their passion for science with the VBS participants.

Booth 1 – Petting Zoo

Some of my initial ideas for this booth was to have a petting zoo, guests from a pet store, or guest taxidermist.  We had a couple that brought their donkeys for the kids to see.  We all enjoyed hearing about them and petting them.

Booth 2 – Animal Videos

Have animal videos kids can watch


Booth 3 – Animal Tracks

Have items to make animal tracks.  There are lots of options at Nature Watch.  We used their animal track rubbings.

Booth 4 – Made from sand (or clay)

P1320101 (2)

Teen leader explained the sand-forming activity.

Using clay, wet sand or moon sand, form a person or animal.  Formations must be appropriate.


Booth 5 – Animal Habitats

P1320100 (2)

Making a habitat using construction paper and creativity.

animal habitat

Make a habitat in a Habitat box, tissue paper, etc.  Here is a way to make a box for the habitat with one piece of construction paper.  The plastic animals were the kids gift for the day.  They could choose their animal and then make a habitat for it.

Another option is to, as a group, make habitats in boxes.   The children can add trees, snow, water, grass, etc. to the habitats and then place animals in the correct habitat.   Each box would feature a different habitat such as jungle, forest, polar ice cap, desert, etc.

 Booth 6 — collections

We had a budding scientist with lots of collections, which he enjoyed sharing with the children.


Insect collection and Animal card matching game



Leader Script:

What did God create on day 6?  (animals & people)  Today we are going to play some animal games.  Remember, just like Adam and Eve, we are created by God.

Game 1—Run Rabbit Run

Half of the group are called foxes and the other half are named rabbits. Rabbits are standing behind a line at one end of the play area. (home) Foxes are scattered all over the play area.
Captain Rabbit leads his/her brood for a walk.
The leader of the foxes says: “Run Rabbit Run!”
All rabbits run trying to return to their home.
All TAGGED rabbits become foxes. Continue until there are no “rabbits” left.  From Kid Activities

Game 2—Find Your Partner


Neigh.. Moo.. Grrr

Preparation:  Have pictures of various animals.  Have 2 pictures of each animal.

Play:  Each person (at the same time) makes the noise of their animal.  They try to find their partner, who is making a similar noise.

Game 3—Animal Races


Slither like a snake

Say an animal – everyone strikes a pose like that animal, then on “Go!”   Race like that animal to the other side.

Variation:  Get a partner.  Make an animal with your partner (take turns being 1 and 2).  Once your animal is formed, race to the other side.  The animal must stay connected.

Two partners:

Elephant:  #1 is the head and trunk; #2 is the legs – put hands on #1’s waist.

Spider:  #1 gets down on all fours; #2 crosses #1 and gets down on all fours to make 8 legs.

Giraffe:  #1 is the long neck and head – stand tall; #2 is the body and legs – put hands on #1’s waist.

Three partners:   Ant:  3 connected to make 6 legs

Four partners:    Octopus:  4 connected to make 8 legs

Full group:    Caterpillar or millipede:  All connected

Game 4—  Animal Charades

1 person in small group acts out animal and the others guess what it is.




Children were able to choose from two frames.  The first one was a safari animal frame from Oriental Trading which the kids colored.  The second was a DIY craft kids have enjoyed doing for years.  We made frames with Popsicle sticks and added little animals for decoration.   To add the aspect of God created humans and to highlight that God creates us, we took individual pictures of the children ahead of time for them to put in their frames.

Color Your Own Safari Fuzzy Picture Frame Magnets

You may choose to choose a different craft, as another option.

Closing Session

During this time we reviewed the songs and theme we did at the opening session.  We also handed out the items that the children did that day, a newsletter about what we did that day, and a gift to help them remember the theme.

Gift for the day:  an little animal


Author: Janelle C

I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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