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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.


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Get out

This theme is part 6 of a unit on Overcoming Temper Flares.  It is based on chapter 5 of the book,  What to Do When Your Temper Flares by Dr. Dawn Huebner.   Chapter 5 introduces the first anger dousing technique, which is to take a break.

This theme is divided into 3 mini-themes:

  • Take a Break
  • Escape!
  • Extinguish

Take a Break

Getting Started:  An Overview

  1. Read What to Do When Your Temper Flares by Dr. Dawn Huebner Chapter 5
  2. Have a vacuum for the demonstration described in the chapter.  How close or far away can items be, but still be pulled in by the vacuum?
  3. Discuss: How can we escape the pull of angry thoughts and feelings?  Do you need to move your thoughts just a little bit or find something totally different to think about?  How can you do that?

Snack & Nutrition

Image result for drinking with a straw

sip it

  • Slurp it up – drink milk/juice with a straw – time who can slurp it up the fastest? Can you slurp it with the straw out of the milk or juice?  Why?  How is the straw like a vacuum?

Art & Crafts

  • Take a Break — This activity is suggested on p. 35 of What to Do When Your Temper Flares — Make a poster showing 4 things you can do while taking a break. These should be easy things to do that you enjoy and that take your full attention. Title it:  Take a Break and at the bottom write your goal:  Go for 10
  • Go for 10 — This activity is suggested on p. 36 and 37 of What to Do When Your Temper Flares -– Decorate a string with beads; leave a long string so that you can tie a knot for each time you step away from the force of your anger and go do something fun or relaxing. Go for 10 knots.  Choose a way to celebrate when you achieve 10.


  • The Power of the Vacuum – spread rice, torn paper, and dry beans on an area of the hard floor – turn the vacuum on and point it towards the items, but about a foot away. How close must the vacuum be in order to suck up the rice? – torn paper? –dry beans? (How far must the item be so it won’t get sucked up?)

Math Challenge

  • 10 knots — convert to miles per hour (mph) – use calculators and the equation to figure it out — Knots is how the speed of aircraft and boats is measured. Both miles per hour and knots is a speed which is the number of units of distance that is covered for a certain amount of time.

1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour = 6076 feet per hour
1 mph =1 mile per hour = 5280 feet per hour

If a boat is going 1 knots per hour, how many miles per hour is it going?  First we must convert the speed to feet per hour.  So 1 knot is 6076 feet per hour  1×6076=6076  Then we can divide the answer by 5280 which is how many feet per hour something that is going 1 mph is going.  So 6076 ÷ 5280 = 11.5 mph.

How many miles per hour would it be if

  • a boat was going 2 knots per hour?   2 x 6076 = ______ ÷ 5280 = ______mph
  • a plane were going 10 knots per hour? 10 x 6076 = ______ ÷ 5280 = ______mph

Fitness Play

  • Go outside and enjoy your favorite game, sport, or activity.

Escape Plan

Program Potpourri/Circle Time

  1. Discuss: Fire Safety –
    1. Smoke goes up, so get down!
    2. Get out – go quickly to the nearest exit (window or door)
    3. Is it safe? If the door is an inside door & is hot – find another way
    4. Once out – Meet – go to your meeting place
    5. Get help – go to a neighbor’s house or call on cell 9-1-1
  2. Follow-up: We talked about the importance of taking a break when you feel the spark of anger, just like we need to escape when there is smoke.  How are you doing on your way to Go for 10!  Rate yourself: High five if you are making good progress; 3 up if you are doing OK; thumb up if you need to call a tow truck to get you out of the ditch.

Snack & Nutrition

  • Salsa Taste test:  Have various flavors of salsa and chips.  Kids taste each and rate them on a chart

Art & Crafts

  • Escape Plan — from Temper Flare  — Draw a plan that shows where you might go and what you might do if you get mad at home or at school.  You might want to make a comic strip
  • Escape Plan –from a house fire —  Draw your home floor plan.  Draw arrows to show your escape plan

Engineering and Science

  • Building project: build a house and show the escape plan for if there is a fire; remember each room should have 2 ways out; show where the meeting place is
  • Build a maze using Legos on a Lego board OR blocks on a table & have a friend get a marble or other object to go through it.  This is a simple one.   Challenge kids to make tunnels with hidden exits and ramps.
    • Image result for marble maze with lego

Fun With Words

  • Be safe — Have fire safety books from the fire dept. for the kids to do this week
  • Fire safety crossword and maze from

Fitness Play

  • With lights out and eyes closed, from the center of the room or the far side, crawl to the door – help each other get out safely



Getting Started:  An Overview

  1. Review chapter 4 and 5
    • Anger Dousing Method #1:  Take a break
    • Did taking a break work for you?
  2. Discuss ways of putting a fire out:
    • We can use:  extinguishers, water, dirt, baking soda, put lid on (stove fires);
    • Fire fighters use: water, foam, a Pulaski, helicopters & water buckets, borate bombers,
    •  Image result for fighting fire   Image result for pulaski firefighter tool  Image result for helicopter water bucket  Image result for borate bomber

Snack & Nutrition

  • Fun fire snack ideas
    Image result for snacks fire  Image result for snacks fire

Imagine That/Art & Crafts/Drama

  • fireman craftFireman craft
    • Fireman craft for dltk kids
    • Hat: fold on dotted line;  You could give him a black pipe-cleaner hose with tin foil nozzle; maybe make a fire hydrant out of clay


  • Build a Lego firetruck using your imagination and creativity.


  • Birthday Blow out – how many ways can you extinguish a birthday candle?
  • Put the Fire Out – use soda & vinegar to make carbon dioxide & put the fire out – see directions at

Fun With Words

  • How many words can you make using the letters that spell EXTINGUISHER
  • Be safe — Have fire safety books from the fire dept. for the kids to do this week

Sports Zone/Games/Physical Fitness

  • Fire Drill Game — A leader will give a directive and then everyone needs to do it quickly.  If someone doesn’t do it they are out.  Between directives participants can walk around the room or area.   The leader makes it more difficult by saying the directives in faster succession.
  • Suggested directives:
    • Ah! A Fire  (designated circle such as a hoola-hoop or circle drawn with chalk or rope) — Everyone circle around the designated circle and puts their hands up like warming them by the fire
    • Fire! Fire! Come Quick! — Everyone puts their hands on another person’s shoulder to make a long line like a fire truck and everyone makes a siren sound.
    • Extinguish!  –Everyone pretends to spray out a fire
    • Fire Drill!  Meet!  — Everyone goes to a designated wall, fence, or line.  As soon as their back or feet touch the wall they say “Here!”

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I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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