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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

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Chapter 7:  Anger-Dousing Method #3:  Release Anger Safely

Something happens and we coil up and spring into action.  That action is often a anger and is a reaction to whatever happened.  What actions will release the pent up emotions without hurting ourselves or others?  This theme is based on chapter 7 of Dawn Huebner’s book, “What to Do When Your Temper Flares.”   This chapter’s theme is divided into the following sub-themes:

  • Quick Release
  • Go Fast!
  • Relax….
  • Hobbies and Fun Times
  • Pure Enjoyment


Quick Release

Getting Started

  • Read What to Do When Your Temper Flares by Dr. Dawn Huebner Chapter 7
  • Discuss: Active things you like to do.  Sedentary things you like to do.   Write 1 of each on a 3×5 card to be used later for the charades activity.

Art & Crafts

  • Charades – use 3×5 cards that kids made of their active and sedentary things they like to do – 1 person draws a card, acts out the activity given and others guess it
  • Hot Potato – Practice a quick release by playing this fun traditional game.  Players sit in a circle and pass a bean bag (or warm rice bag or potato) around the circle while music plays. The person who has the bag when the music stops is out (optional:  on their first turn out, they may turn off music).  Winner gets prize.

Engineering & Science Investigation

  • Quick Release Knot — Tie a quick release knot (used for tying horses to a rail)
    1. Put the end of the rope through the tie ring or around the post.
    2. Wrap the loose end once around the rope, creating a circle and then wrap it a couple more times
    3. Fold the loose end into a loop, and pull it through the circle.
  • Rubber release – shoot rubber bands at a designated target – not at people or in their direction.  This is best done in a corner where there is no cross traffic.  Place the target in the corner.  Have the participant shoot several rubber bands and then go retrieve them and give the next participant a turn.

Fun With Words

  • Play a game where speed is the name of the game.  Some examples are:
    • Blurt!
    • Outburst!
    • Speed (card game)

Sports Zone/Games/Physical Fitness

  • Ultimate Frisbee – can not run with the Frisbee – catch it and throw it to a team mate; try to throw into the end zone


Go Fast!

Getting Started

  • Discuss: One way to release anger is to get moving!  What ways can you ‘get moving? — Brainstorm
  • Read or review pages 51-53
  • Choose 4 volunteers to act out their favorite active activity and others guess it

Snack & Nutrition

  • What do you eat when you are on the move and need a quick bite?
    • Try different snack bars and graph which ones your group likes best
    • Make a Trail Mix — Set out various ingredients such as:  Chex cereal, little crackers,  raisins, dried cranberries, nuts, M&M’s, etc.

Art & Crafts

  • Choose a sport craft.  There are many ideas online.
    • sports ball cartoons — start with a basket ball (or your favorite sport ball) add eyes, mouth, arms and legs.
    • jersey — cut out a shirt stencil and decorate it like your favorite team or design one for your fantasy team
    • pennant – make a flag for your team

Fitness Play

  • Minute Challenges – How many can you do in 1 minute – jump rope in place, sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, toe ups (stand on toes then feet on ground and back to toes…), one foot hops (must stay in a 2’ square area), stationary ball dribble (must stay in 3’ square area)



Getting Started

  • Review Chapter 7 and how getting active can help us release anger safely.
  • Discuss: Another way to release anger safely is to relax!  What are some ways you can relax – review & practice those from the book:  breathe deeply, stretch, squeeze and gentle taps
  • Read or review pages 54-61

Snack & Nutrition

  • By scent – close eyes & take a deep whiff of the food items presented – What is it?  This activity is a great way to practice breathing deeply and enjoying the smells.

Art & Crafts

  • Hug! Make a hug craft.  Check out these online ideas.  Add a label “I love me” “I’m OK”
    • Hugger — Make a construction paper or card stock person.  Cut out a square or shirt shape.  Add a circle for the head and draw a face.  You might want to glue on some yarn for hair.  Add 2 long rectangles for arms.  On a separate piece of paper draw around your hands, cut them out and add them to the arms.  Fold the arms into a hug.  Add a message on the front of the T-shirt.
    • Make a hug pop-out card

Science Investigation

  • Deep Breathing –
    • Measure air exhaled


Fun With Words

  • Write a list of ways you personally can relax
  • Make an acrostic poem using the word RELAX or REST
    • Relax
    • Expression reflections – funny faces in the mirror
    • Stretch then Squeeze – that’s a hug for me
    • Tap my own shoulders as I give myself a gentle hug

Sports Zone/Games/Physical Fitness

  • Tai Chi – Practice body and breathing control

Hobbies and fun times

Getting Started

  • Discuss: What are your hobbies?  What does your family enjoy doing for fun?  What do you enjoy doing for fun?  Our hobbies might be things that we have fun doing actively or they might be quiet relaxing things.  Getting active and relaxing are two ways we can safely release anger and other pent up emotions.
  • Invite kids to bring something tomorrow that shows what their hobby is

Snack & Nutrition

Art & Crafts

  • Collage – cut and paste pictures of hobbies and fun activities from magazines onto a large poster; can draw pictures and add them to the poster also
  • Paint a picture that shows what your hobby is
  • Hobby:  Art — What kind of art do you like to do?  Do it!  You can draw, paint, color, make something with construction paper or whatever you like to do!

The Nature of It/Construction/Science

  • Build something that represents what your hobby is (i.e. what you like to do for fun)
  • Hobby:  Building — What do you like to build with?  Get it and start building!  You can build with K’nex, Lego, Lincoln Logs, magnets, or whatever you like to build with!

Fun With Words

  • Hobby:  Reading — What do you like to read?  Read it!
  • Hobby:  Writing — What do you like to write?  Write it!  You can write a story, poem, comic strip or whatever you like to write!

Fitness Play

  • Hobby:  Play time!  Go outside and enjoy playing your favorite games or try some new ones.  Here’s some ideas from Wired or Buzzfeed.
  • Hobby:  Sports — What is your favorite sport?  Gather together some friends and your family and have fun playing your favorite sport!

Pure enjoyment

Getting Started

  • Talk about keeping an enjoyable environment by being cooperative, having a good attitude, and showing respect.  Practice sharing, taking turns, solving problems with calm discussions by role playing.  See how from this great article from Mind Tools.  Try out some of these online ideas.

Snack & Nutrition

  • Enjoy what you made yesterday or make something new.

Art & Crafts

  • Play dough — Try out these great play dough recipes.  Working with dough is very relaxing.

Building Fun

  • Build It! Build what you want to and have fun!

Fitness Play

  • Go outside for free choice play

Check out other themes and chapters on the way to managing temper flares.



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