Activity Array

Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

PowerPoint Bible Lessons for Kids

Like many of you, we’ve been doing Sabbath School in Zoom for the past few months (now years).  I’ve developed slide programs to go along with the Primary GraceLink programs.  We’re a small church so the kids in our Primary actually extend into Junior age and during this time of COVID-19, we’ve welcomed families with kids of all ages.  We have had about an hour together on Zoom. That gives us time to fellowship a bit before getting into an interactive Bible study time.

I have found that having the Google Slide Show has allowed me to have song and special feature videos that we can view and participate in together. When it’s time to study the lesson, I have the scriptures and corresponding pictures for the kids to see right on the slide show. As part of the story I have fun ways to keep them engaged such as bubble scripts for them to read, codes to decipher, or hidden objects to find. There’s games and activities along the way, too. I’m so thankful for the wealth of information and activities on the internet. If I’ve used something you put there. Thank you! I hope you can use my compilations.

We do Sabbath School on Zoom. You can find Bible Lesson PowerPoint Presentations below. Each link opens a post with a number of presentations on that topic.

Scope and Sequence Suggestion

Old Testament


God’s Word, The Bible

Noah and the Flood

Abraham, and man of faith

Isaac and His Family

Jacob Becomes Faithful

Return to Promised Land

Moses, God’s Agent — Israelite journey from Egypt to Canaan

Moses and the Israelites continue to Canaan, Again

Joshua Leads Israelites to Canaan

In the Promised Land – time of the Judges

Prophets and Kings

King Saul and Jonathan

King David

King Solomon

Elijah, God’s Messenger

Elisha, the Prophet

King Joash, Josiah, and Hezekiah

Prophet Jonah

Prophet Jeremiah and Isaiah

In a Foreign Land


Queen Esther

New Testament

Life and Ministry of Jesus here

Jesus’ Birth and Childhood

Jesus Begins His Ministry

Jesus Teaches as He Continues His Ministry

Events as Jesus Continues His Ministry

Miracles of Jesus as He Continues His Ministry

Jesus Gives His Life: His Death, Resurrection, Visits, and Ascension

Witnesses and Missionaries

The First Church

Peter’s Role in the First Church

Paul’s Role in the First Church and his Missionary Journeys

God in the Holidays