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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

Road Trips and Races


This theme can be adapted to fit several other themes or used as a stand-alone theme.


Behind the wheel

This theme goes great with chapter 1 of Dr. Dawn Huebner’s book, What to Do When Your Temper Flares.  See the Day 1 to Day 3 lessons called Behind the Wheel.


Community Worker: Mechanic

Happy Car Mechanic Holding Wrench

Extend it by talking more about Mechanics.  Take a field trip to a mechanic or invite a mechanic as a guest.



Road trips

Getting Started:  An Overview

  1. Discuss: road signs, car safety
  2. Follow up to Behind the Wheel and Chapter 1 of Temper Flares: Yesterday we talked about maintaining control even when there are challenges or we are in a hurry or tired. Rate your performance – High five if you maintained control today; 3 up if you did OK; thumb up if you need to call a tow truck to get you out of the ditch.
  3. Share time:  Tell about places you visited this summer

Snack & Nutrition

  1. Roadside Snack: granola bar or snack bar

Art & Crafts

  1. Paint a map OR a picture of where you might go or a sight you might see on the way
  2. Make a bingo game of things you might see along the road
    1. Click here for free Bingo games you can print
    2. Click here for a road sign scavenger hunt Bingo
    3. Or have kids draw one Car Bingo:car BINGO

Engineering & Science

  1. Building project: Make a road using road puzzles, blocks, track, etc.  Add hills, tunnels, corners, etc.

Word Fun

  1. Match a road sign to what it means.
    1. Online road sign memory game
    2. Here’s an online game.
  2. Read a map (this is easier if you have 2 identical maps) – tell a friend how to get from point A to point B – what roads to turn on without telling them where the destination.  Did they get to the right place?
    1. Here’s a simple map of USA with main highways
    2. For an online version go to SlidePlayer
    3. Get a map of your own city

Sports Zone/Games/Physical Fitness

  1. Car tag
  2. Green light Red light

On your mark, Get set, GO!

Getting Started:  An Overview

  1. Discuss: race cars, types of races, safety features, etc.
    1. Fun facts from thrillest
    2. Fan facts from NASCAR
    3. Read a cool book about race cars
  2. What are some types of race cars?  Why are they made that way? – principles of aerodynamics

Snack & Nutrition

  1. Food race:  how fast can you eat _______ — race at Go!  or time it.  (suggested items:  a cup of yogurt or applesauce)

Art & Crafts

  1. Race car – paint wooden race cars  OR color printed race cars  OR design & draw a race car
  2. Race flags – make a checkered flag

Engineering & Science

  1. Building project: Rubber band power
    1.  Build a K’nex rubber band car
  1. With older kids or adult help you can build a rubber-band powered boat
  1. Another option:  Get out the race track and your stash of cars and have a race.   You can make a ramp using a stack of books with a piece of cardboard leaning against them.  Find out which cars go faster.

Word Fun

  1. Write about a race
  2. Be the sports caster for your friends’ race with the cards they made

Fitness Play

  1. Races!   Set up a start line and finish line.  Run forwards.  Run backwards.  Race sideways.  Race a with a partner side by side with arms over each-others’ shoulder.  ….

Pit Stop

Getting Started:  An Overview

  1. Why do race car drivers have to take pit stops?  (“…However, the car that made the additional pit stop will run faster on the race track than cars that did not make the stop, both because it can carry a smaller amount  (and thus lower weight) of fuel, and will also have less wear on its tires, providing more traction and allowing higher speeds in the corners.”)  read more
  1. What does the pit crew do during a pit stop?  (add fuel, change tires, and take care of any other problems.)
  2. Do you think we need pit stops?  (yes)  What’s important for us to do during our pit stop?  How do we fuel up?  (eat, drink water, take a break or rest)  Doing that helps us feel good and have self-control.

Snack & Nutrition

  1.  Make a menu for a healthy meal or snack

Art and Crafts

  1. Color a picture of a mechanic working
  2. Decorate a frame with nuts.  This makes a great gift for Dad or Grandpa, too

Engineering & Science

  1. Get out your spare tire.  Add some good size bots and nuts and a wrench set.  Let the kids put on and take off the nuts and bolts with the wrenches.  Don’t want to get out the tire?  Cut cardboard on a circle like a tire or use the cardboard that was under the pizza you had last night.  Punch some holes to put in the bolts.

Fun with Words

  1. How many other words can you make using the letters in “PIT STOP”

Fitness Play

  1. Take a break and get outside and play.  Moving your muscles and getting fresh air and sunshine is good for relaxation and stress relief.


Continue this unit based on ” What to Do When Your Temper Flares” by going to the theme, Perspectives based on chapter 2, A Secret About Anger.



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I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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