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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

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Joseph skit

Joseph is one of my favorite Biblical characters.  In his story we learn that God knows the future and we can trust Him.  We also see faithfulness and forgiveness demonstrated in profound ways.  Here is a skit that I wrote for children’s church, which involves the audience.  It is a bit longer, so I’ll just post one scene here and provide this downloadable copy:

Joseph with audience participation


Scene 2 – Not a typical day at Home Sweet Home

Bible MV:            (Recite Philippians 4:13)  “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Jacob:                   (Thinking out loud) Hmmmmm.  I want to do something special for Joseph.  I will make him a coat.  A coat of many colors!  (Go gets a rectangle of white paper that has been folded in half.  A neck hole has been cut out in the middle and the front has been cut from the neck hole to the bottom.   When done, tape edges from the arms down)

Audience leader:             We need some volunteers to help Jacob with Joseph’s coat.  (Gives each volunteer some squares [about 3”x3”] of colored paper and a glue stick.)  Here are some pieces of paper.  We need you to glue them to Joseph’s coat.  You can glue them wherever and however you want.  (Give them time to finish…. then ….)  Thank you!  That is beautiful and so colorful!  You may go back to your seats.

Jacob:                   (Calls)  Joseph, come here!  (Joseph comes)  Joseph, I’m impressed with how quick you learn and with your work around here.  I made a special coat for you.  Come try it on!

Joseph:                (puts on coat)  Thank you Father!  It’s gorgeous!  (hugs father)  Thank you!  Good night father.  (Goes to side of stage and lays down.)

Jacob:                   Good night son.  (leaves) (lights dim)

Extras:                  (Stand in a circle.  1 goes to the center.  All the others bow to the center one.   Then they all leave.  They come back.  One holds up a moon.   One holds up a sun.  The others hold up stars.  They all bow down to the sleeping Joseph.  Then they leave.)

Jacob:                   Good morning family!  Rise and shine!  There’s work to be done!

Reuben, Judah, Joseph (wearing robe), and Extras:  (Come in, greet Jacob, and sit down near him)    Good morning father!

Joseph:                May I tell you all something father?

Jacob:                   Sure son.  Come here.  Family, Joseph is wearing the new robe I gave him.  Joseph you are one special kid!

Joseph:                Thank you Father.  I had an interesting dream last night.  My brothers and I were out in the field harvesting wheat.  Then their sheaves of wheat bowed down to mine.

Reuben & Judah:     (sneer)  Are we going to bow down to you?

Joseph:                Then I had another dream.  The stars, moon, and sun bowed down to me.

Jacob:                   (wondering, reflective)  Will I bow down to you? …. Hmmm?  Will anyway, it’s time to get to work.  Boys, take the sheep to the upper pasture.  Joseph, I’ll send you with some food in a couple of days.

Reuben, Judah, & some extras  go get the sheep and walk around behind the audience and back up on the stage while everyone else leaves the stage.

Judah                    (Sits watching the sheep and talking to Reuben)  I’m not going to stand by while Joseph gets all the honor!  It’s not fair!

Joseph:                (walks in wearing the coat and carrying a bundle)  Hey brothers!  Dad sends his greeting.  How is it going?  I brought you some fresh food!

Reuben:               (takes food and leaves)  Thanks!

Judah & extras: (grab Joseph and tear off his coat)  Thanks for nothing.  You little dreamer!  Throw him in the well over there.  (throw him out a door or behind the set or into a box)

Joseph:                (talks into a water bottle to get the well echo effect)  Help!  Help!  Get me out!  Help!


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Pathfinder Bible Experience


Pathfinder Bible Experience encourages young people to read the Bible and place it deep in their hearts.  Find out more about it here.

Pathfinder Bible Experience or PBE in 2017 quizzes Pathfinders on six of Paul’s books or letters.  We encourage you to read these books and see how much you remember by opening the PowerPoint quizzes.

After you open the PowerPoint, be sure to go to  the “Slide Show” tab and click “From beginning” to show the slide show.  Click to progress through the slides and to start the timer.  The answer pops up when the timer is done.

Image result for Paul writing

Paul Wrote many letters

Galatians — A letter to the Christians at Galatia explores the roles of grace and obedience to rules and traditions.

Ephesians — A letter from Paul to the Christians in Ephesus reminds us that Jesus Christ cleans us from the inside out.  We become a new person in thought and action because of His love, grace, and Holy Spirit.

Philippians — A letter from Paul to the Christians in Philippi encourages us to be content in whatever circumstance.  The joy God gives fills us despite whatever storm we may be in at the time, because God IS with us.

Colossians — Paul writes to the Christians in Colosse to remind them that Jesus is the VIP.  He is the Creator, Sustainer, Son of God, and Savior of the World.

1 Timothy — Paul writes to the new young pastor, Timothy to teach him how to set up the new church and be a great pastor.  He reminds all young people that they are capable of doing great things for God, because God has gifted them with talents and enables them to minister to His people.

2Timothy — Paul writes again to Timothy to encourage him to persevere and be faithful.  We too can be faithful workers who please God.




Pathfinder Explorer Honors, Updated!

Pathfinders is the Seventh-day Adventist youth group similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
Check it out at

Here is a resource when you teach the following honors that go with the Explorer Class Requirements.  These power points answer all the questions in the honor.  They include suggested You Tube videos explaining the different concepts and may include videos that instruct how to make hands-on projects, too.   Another resource which is available are the Pathfinder Honor Worksheets link

NOTE:  The Power Point presentations open up in the edit format.  You will first need to “enable content” and then select “Slide Show” and either “From Beginning” or “From Current Slide” in order to actually see all the content.  You Tube is no longer allowing flash play embedding so you will need to simply click on the video as stated on the link and it will go to You Tube and show on your browser.


Stars honor  Star Honor Power Point Presentation

Star Honor Requirements link




Stars Advanced honorAdvanced Stars Power Point Presentation

Advanced Star Honor Requirements link

Advanced star honor QUIZ



weather honor

Weather Honor Power Point Presentation

Weather Honor Requirements link




Weather Advanced honorAdvanced Weather Honor Power Point Presentation

Advanced Weather Honor Requirements link

weather chart




Christian Manners & Grooming Power Point Presentation  — Do a section at a time

Christian, Grooming & Manners Requirements link



Basic Emergency Rescue

Basic Rescue Requirements link