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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

Jesus is Born — Act out the Story and Make Christmas Gifts

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Praise God, Jesus came to us as a baby to a humble family. We here the story every Christmas, but it still holds the same glory and wonder.

This series of Christmas stories goes more in depth and tells the story of Jesus’ birth in five parts. These stories are written to allow kids to be part of the story and act it out.

Thanksgiving – Praising God for answers to Prayer and more –Zechariah & Elizabeth’s Prayer Answered

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In this presentation we have fun setting the setting with candles, bread, and incense. Then the children have an opportunity to participate by acting out the story and saying the words in the conversation bubbles. Zechariah learns that he and Elizabeth will have a son. John will prepare people for Jesus’ coming. This year we did this story at Thanksgiving and we focused on prayer and praise.

I am willing — Gabriel visits Mary and Joseph — Luke 1 & Matthew 1

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Mary and Joseph were both willing to do God’s will. They were honored to be Jesus’ parents; parents to the Son of God. Mary said, “I serve the Lord” or as in some translations, “I am the Lord’s servant.” We serve the Lord when we do what He desires. We serve the Lord when we help others. In this presentation the kids learn this lesson as they act out the story, do the craft, do charades, and sign the memory verse. Get craft coupon and envelope .here

Ready to Go — Mary and Joseph GO to Bethlehem; Shepherds GO visit Jesus and GO tell others — Luke 2

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Mary and Joseph got ready to go to Bethlehem. The shepherds were ready to go see Him. Their hearts were ready to receive Jesus as their Savior. Are you ready? Are you ready to go tell others, like the shepherds were? This presentation encourages the kids to act out the story and has a nativity ornament craft. They also have the opportunity to learn some traditional Christmas carols that go with the story.

Dedicated — His Name is Jesus, Our Savior — Luke 2:22-40

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Mary and Joseph carefully followed God’s instructions. They dedicated Jesus at the temple and offered the sacrifices needed for Mary’s purification. They named Him, Jesus, because He will save us from our sins. The Holy Spirit announced Jesus’ birth to Simeon and Anna. They told those in Jerusalem that our Savior is born! We too will share the good news with others with a cute candy cane craft.

Wise men Worship the new born King

This presentation starts with a yummy breakfast celebrating Jesus’ birth. While kids are finishing eating, they have an opportunity to search for particular items having to do with the story. I hid pictures of the items around the room, under the tables, behind the chairs etc. They had fun searching for things like the Wisemen searched for Jesus. Afterwards we acted out the story. We had costumes for the 3 Wisemen, Mary, Joseph, King Herod, and a large star on a stick for one of the kids to hold and guide the Wise men (like follow the leader). The kids really had fun!

Continue the story of Jesus — Jesus Begins His Ministry


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I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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