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Peter’s Role in the First Church

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Although Peter denied Jesus at His trial, Jesus gave Peter a second chance after His resurrection. Three times Jesus asked Peter if he loved him. Peter replied that Jesus knew in his heart he did. Jesus told him to care for His lambs and feed His sheep. Peter did just that. He taught them about God’s love and power. Through the awesome power of God and Jesus’ name, he was God’s instrument to heal many and even raise some to life. Many believed in Jesus and were saved.

These presentations are a backdrop that you can use to tell these wonderful stories from the life of Peter and his part of God’s story — History.

Peter at Lydda — Aenas is healed; Dorcas is Alive — Acts 9

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Dorcas loved to make clothes for others, but she got sick and died. Now what will happen? We’ll find out in this presentation. We’ll also find out how they made clothes back then. Watch the story, make some clothes, read, listen, and tell the story. Will you accept the challenge to give some clothes to the poor too?

Peter Called by Cornelius Acts 10

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The story of Cornelius and Peter shows that God does not show favoritism. Salvation is for people from all nations! Read about it in Acts 10. The vision of the animals sparked several fun activities. We started with a game where the kids had to figure out which animal was on their back by listening to other’s clues. During the story, kids had fun filling up the sheet with animals. We also talked a little about clean and unclean animals. However the real point of the story is that God loves everyone! Salvation is for everyone! We too, should share God’s love with everyone.

Peter rescued from Prison, Again! Acts 12

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Peter is thrown into prison, yet again. Sometimes trouble comes. Peter knew that if God was willing, He could save him. He trusted God so much, he slept! In 1 Peter 5:10, Peter shares that God gives the grace we need. Even tho we suffer, He will make us strong and steady. An egg put in boiling water may ‘suffer’ but it does become firm, strong, and steady. In the telling of the story, kids are encouraged to act it out. One way to retell the story would be to use this background and Peter & angel puppet. Another optional craft is a clock – God is with me and answers prayer all the time.

Peter writes a letter — 1 Peter

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To finish our look at the First Church through the eyes of Peter we turn to his letter, 1 Peter. Here he reminds the church of God’s love, forgiveness, and power. He encourages them to be loving, kind, humble, respectful, truthful, and have self-control. In this presentation we make a puzzle, sing, play a game of choices, learn about bees, and make a craft of bees that remind us to bee loving, bee kind, etc.

For more stories from Acts — Return to The First Church summary and index


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