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New Believers, Deacons, and Missionaries

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In reading the book of Acts, we meet several of the new converts. Seven of them are chosen to be deacons and serve the widows. Some served only a little while and then became martyrs as they would rather die than give up their faith in Jesus. Some traveled and were missionaries far and wide. Come let’s meet some of the new believers of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Savior of the World. They are part of his story.

These interactive presentations give you a platform to tell these stories using the scripture and pictures. They include object lessons, crafts, music and interactive activity suggestions.

Stephen — Deacon and martyr — Acts 6 & 7

Jesus had told his disciples that trouble would come, but that he would give them peace (John 16:1-4,33). We have peace knowing we have salvation! Stephen stood up for Jesus. He wanted everyone to know that Jesus died to save us from our sin and that He rose again to give us eternal life. No longer would lambs (or other animals) need to be brought for sacrifice. Jesus died once and for all and sat down at the right hand of God (Hebrews 10:12). Jesus stood up for Stephen. He is with us too!

Download pdf coloring sheet and activity.

Philip — Deacon and Missionary — Acts 6 & 8

Philip obviously loved to tell people about Jesus. Follow his story as a new believer, ordained as a deacon, and as a missionary. As you tell the story or read the scriptures, let the kids pretend to be the characters of the story. Review what it means to become a believer and be baptized. Philip was sent on a mission to meet an Ethiopian and tell him about our Savior. Follow the links in the presentation to make a chariot. The presentation ends with a tic tac toe game to review the story.

For more stories from Acts — Return to The First Church summary and index


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