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Here you'll find an array of activities for elementary children that can be used in Children's Ministry, after-school programs, in the classroom and by homeschoolers.

Elijah, God’s Messenger

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Elijah is one of my favorite Bible characters. God sends him on some challenging missions, but He is with him every step of the way. I’m reminded that if God gives a task, He will enable us to do it. He will care for us, even when (especially when) we are exhausted. I like Elijah have felt that exhaustion after a mountain top experience (directing VBS).

These PowerPoint presentations include the Bible story, activities, and songs. My hope is that you and the kids we share them with will gain a closer relationship with God and realize how vast His love is for us.

God Provides for Elijah — 1 Kings 17 (A combination of the lower two presentations)

Elijah Fed By Ravens 1 Kings 17:1-6

This presentation includes the craft (from Danielles Place) that’s pictured above. After reading the story from the Bible, the kids will have an opportunity to take turns hiding like Elijah and taking that person a snack like the ravens. Of course there’s songs, too. Ravens are the spotlight on nature, of course. These are intelligent birds!

Elijah and the Widow of Zarepheth 1 Kings 17:7-24

After hearing the story, the kids get to act out the story of Elijah coming to the widow of Zarepheth found in 1 Kings 17:7-24. They can make some dough also and then use it to make a recipe card holder. Materials include flour, salt, water, dixie cup, popsicle stick, and a clothespin. The presentation includes songs and videos of meerkats caring for eachother. God cares for us and wants us to care for others.

The Contest on Mt. Carmel — Time for Rain? 1 Kings 18

After 3 years of drought, God gives Elijah the responsibility to call the people together and call for rain. We focus on our mighty God and the importance of praying to him. The activities include a prayer book, the snack pictured above, and a science activity on how to make rain in a jar. God sends the rain. God hears and answers prayer. He is LORD!

Elijah Runs in Fear, God Reassures — 1 Kings 19

This presentation is an interactive story that follows 1 Kings 19. Have on hand a fan. When we are afraid, God meets us and reassures us. He has a plan. Help is on the way. Retell part of the story with a wheel craft. Finish the lesson with a whisper challenge using an empty roll of wrapping paper to give the distance required. Teacher on one end asks a question or gives directions and child on other end answers or follows the directions.

God Strengthens and Cares for Me Wheel

Elijah Rides to Heaven — 2 Kings 2

God took Elijah to heaven in a whirlwind, riding a fiery chariot. We start this presentation by making tornado/whirlwind bottles. During the story, there are items on each slide to find that have to do with the topic for that slide. We finish by coloring a picture of Elijah going to heaven. We made the cloak movable by attaching it to a string. Have fun!


Author: Janelle C

I enjoy planning lessons, directing VBS and child care programs. Children's ministry is my passion. God Almighty is my strength and inspiration. For fun I choose hiking, canoeing, camping, cooking, and reading.

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